Arc-length based curvature estimator

Arc-length based curvature estimator
Thomas Lewiner, João Gomes, Hélio Lopes, Marcos Craizer

Sibgrapi 2004 (XVII Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing): pp. 250-257 (october 2004)
Selected for publication in Computers & Graphics


Many applications of geometry processing and computer vision rely on geometric properties of curves, particularly their curvature. Several methods have been proposed to estimate the curvature of a planar curve, most of them for curves in digital spaces. This work proposes a new method for curvature estimation based on weighted least square fitting and local arc-length approximation. Convergence analysis of this method and noise impact on the estimator accuracy are given. Numerical robustness issues are addressed with practical solutions. The implementation of the method is compared to other curvature estimation methods.


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Arc-length based curvature estimator


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