Visualizing Forman s discrete vector field

Visualizing Forman s discrete vector field
Thomas Lewiner, Hélio Lopes, Geovan Tavares

Visualization and Mathematics III (VisMath 2002): pp. 95-112 (may 2002)
Selected for publication in IEEE TVCG


Morse theory has been considered to be a powerful tool in its applications to computational topology, computer graphics and geometric modeling. Forman introduced a discrete version of it, which is purely combinatorial. This opens Morse theory applications to a much larger scope. The main objective of this work is to illustrate Forman s theory. We intend to use some of Forman s concepts to visually analyze the topology of an object. We present an algorithm to build a Morse-Forman s discrete gradient vector field on a cell complex.


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Visualizing Forman s discrete vector field


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