Fast stellar mesh simplification

Fast stellar mesh simplification
Antônio Wilson Vieira, Luiz Velho, Hélio Lopes, Geovan Tavares, Thomas Lewiner

Sibgrapi 2003 (XVI Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing): pp. 27-34 (october 2003)
Selected for publication in Computer Graphics Forum


This paper introduces Stellar Simplification, a fast implementation of the Four-Face Cluster algorithm. In our version of this mesh simplification scheme, we adopt a probabilistic heuristic that substitutes the priority queue of the original algorithm. This made our version, in average, 40% faster. In our implementation, we adopt a very concise data structure that uses only two arrays of integers to represent the surface topology. We also introduce a new scheme to encode and decode the hierarchy of meshes generated by the simplification algorithm. This scheme can be used for progressive transmission and compression of meshes.


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Fast stellar mesh simplification


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