Symmetry-based completion

Symmetry-based completion
Thiago Pereira, Renato Paes Leme, Luiz Velho, Thomas Lewiner

GRAPP 2009 (Fourth International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications)(february 2009)


Acquired images often present missing, degraded or occluded parts. Inpainting techniques try to infer lacking information, usually from valid information nearby. This work introduces a new method to complete missing parts from an image using structural information of the image. Since natural and human-made objects present several symmetries, the image structure is described in terms of axial symmetries, and extrapolating the symmetries of the valid parts completes the missing ones. In particular, this allows inferring both the edges and the textures. This research started as a project for the course Reconstruction Methods at IMPA in fall 2007.


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Symmetry-based completion


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